Monday, February 06, 2012

The For-gift Card

(Scenario: A mind melding conversation with my mother)
Mom: Have you seen my coat?
Me: Which coat?
Mom: My winter coat. The one Lisa bought me for my first birthday.
Me: Like from when you were a baby?
Mom: No, silly. When I first met her years ago. You know what I meant!
Me: Are you talking about the winter coat that I bought you???
Mom: Oh... yeah, maybe it was you who got it for me... Hmmm.
Me: Geez, mom. So glad I made an impression! I sense somebody's just getting a gift card next time around.
Mom: Yeah, that's great. Get me a forget card.
Me: No mom. I said a gift... You know what? Yes! You will be getting a for-gift card from me. That way you can forget I got you anything at all.

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