Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Life Tuesday: Realizing Your Goals

Photos from my hotel room last month
When I was a kid, I had an after school job cleaning offices across town. From my lens (which was behind a big trash can, mind you) I was instantly enamored with the adults all dressed up in suits and dresses, shuffling their papers around from super important meetings and interacting with each other so professionally. I wanted to be just like them. To have an important job in a big building. To be smart and super fashionable in a metropolis somewhere.

Flash forward several years where taking a towncar to the airport and an airplane to work has become a regular requirement in my roles over the years. Infact, every time I get out of a taxi in a big city or look out of my hotel window at an amazing cityscape, I'm reminded that this is exactly what I thought my life would be like as a grown up.

As a kid though, I wasn't yet cognizant of the 10 and 12 hour workdays, the unending stress or the part where you miss your family. I was blind to the 24x7 on-call, eating lunch at your desk most days and missing out on school plays or the last day of school.

Now that I'm an adult, things aren't looking as glamorous as I'd originally envisioned. Now that I'm an adult, I wonder if I wanted some of the wrong things. 

That's okay though... I'm learning how to implement a fix. Just like all of you, dear readers, I get the opportunity to reinvent my lifestyle and my attitude anytime I choose. Regardless of our age and situation, life is ours for the taking, for each of us to invest in the unique things that give our lives meaning. 

Are you doing all of the things you set out to do?  Or have you changed your course for the better? How have the things that give your life meaning changed over time?

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