Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Treat Thyself... Mind, Body and Soul

 As I write, a massage, pedicure and red wine are in my immediate future. I'm not typically prone to such pampering, but I simply cannot justify putting in even more long hours at work. My brain needs time to unplug and process healthy thoughts for the rest of my well being.

 Though I haven't even finished this month's issue of Allure, there's great stack of books in my office, bedside and living room for the sole purpose of reading for leisure. Yes some books like Mika Brzezinski's "Knowing your Value -Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth" falls into the career category, but it's inline with the rest of my personal goals. Other must reads? Nancy Etcoff''s genius work on, "Survival of the Prettiest" and The Bible. Yep, apart from the bible, how's about those female literary heavyweights?

Thankfully, to my own mind's eye everything I consume is somehow good (and healthy in moderation) for me. Coffee? Check. Dark Chocolate? Yep. Red wine? You bet. If I could only find a way for cake to be considered nutritious, I'd be positively undone.

Mondo's Line for Project Runway S8.
And to conquer something that's good for the soul? I'm finally engaged in my 4th installment of a beauty project at a Denver women's shelter where I give make up classes and do make overs. My heart feels so full when I do these classes each year. Like the heroine Maya Angelou said, "At our best, we are all teachers."

Being the type of person to sabotage my every fitness routine, I was surprised when I stumbled across one that's starting to stick. It's not in a gym, it's not at home, and I go it alone. I get outside first thing, jump on my Trek, take in the crisp morning air and just ride. It's suddenly so liberating!

Last, to feed my more glamorous streak, I'm slated to do more make up at a photo shoot for Mondo Guerra's brand new jewelry line and my annual visit in August to the 2011 Riverfront Park Fashion Show.
Riverfront Park Fashion Show Photo: mydenverloft.com

Yes, I still work too terribly much, and that's why having this "alternate universe" filled with really cool stuff just for me is such a key part of my personal success. What are you doing to treat yourself?

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