Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Moo's

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you are well, and your week is off to a hopeful start. I came across the ftlob Monday Moo's and thought it would be fun to give them a shot. Here goes:

1. How often do you post something on your blog? Do you find that any particular day is better than another?

I aim to post in my blog at least once a week, preferably on Friday when I finally seem to lift myself from the trenches at work. Plus, I get all dreamy eyed when I think about the weekend.

2. What types of posts are you most interested in reading? DIY, recipes, every day life, etc.

All of the above. I read a lot of everything. I think the human experience in general consists of increasing exponential exposure to new facets of life, that I just really like to see how other people create meaning in their lives.

3. What things keep you coming back to visit a blog and what things instantly makes it a favorite of yours?

I'm a guaranteed repeat visitor when:
- The experience is honest and authentic
- I can learn something new
- People aim to improve themselves and others

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