Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fabulousness: Acceptance and Motivation

Happy Friday dear readers! This week has been a doozy from the working mom perspective, but I've learned so much from this week's failures and successes. This week's lessons include learning to think about my daily challenges in a different way... not necessarily in terms of right or wrong or good and bad which is what my natural inclination tends to gravitate towards. That, and I continue to be so very grateful for the people who help make my life what is and continue to invest in who I am. What are the things that are keeping you strong and motivated?

I was inspired by this snippet from The Daily Motivator today and I hope it does something for you too.

Last, I hope you have some seriously great weekend plans! Summer is already popping off and there's so much to see and do. Me? I'll be at a Michael Jackson tribute at Red Rocks, T-ball games with the wee ones, a Rockies game and doing glam make up for a photo shoot. Taking time to do absolutely nothing is a pretty fantastic option too and will be making its way to my schedule hopefully soon. :)

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