Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Resolution #1: Get Up

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I've never needed this much motivation to stay healthy before, but I'm putting reminders in my calendar to get up and take a walk for lunch in 2011. Another to do 25 jumping jacks a few times a day. And I'm scheduling more activity into my days instead of all the time I spend behind the monitor.

My weight has always been something of a roller coaster because I throw myself at work so much, and I often let my emotions overturn any routine that involves wearing tennis shoes. So my excuses combined with splurging has made me soft all over. Jiggly jelly soft. My clothes are now hesitant to fasten and buttons are hanging on for dear life when I pull things from my closet that I'd normally wear when I'm in better shape.

Mine aren't the biggest loser types of rolls, but there's an easy 10-15 pounds that can definitely find it's way from my wobbly ass. It's funny to me now that I don't even own a scale... it's the same story every time. I'll gain weight, get sick of seeing proof of it on the scale then donate the scale! WTH? As smart as I think I can sometimes be, this is one of the lamest, most ass backwards approaches I consistently take.

Call it old school, but I think the start of a new year is a great time to make resolutions (I'll be posting at least 3 of them).  So this year I aim to be more creative in my approach to getting in shape and having fun at the same time. We integrate fun and learning when we want to teach our kids something new, so why can't we do it for ourselves?

I plan to find some salads that I really love and other healthy foods that I can at least have a crush on. I'll need to download some iPod workouts and jump around to those silly Just Dance Wii games with the kids. Since I'm horrible at gym memberships, I can commit to walking around the park everyday for 30 minutes or doing a Jillian Michael's DVD whenever I need a good challenge. Less drinks at the end of the day, more activity. What do you think? What do you resolve to do differently in 2011?


  1. Let us not forget that as soon as the Pure Barre opens in Broomfield, WE ARE SO THERE!

  2. Absolutely! I'm already bored by hum-drum jumping jacks. :)


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