Friday, September 24, 2010

Mommy Meth is REAL...

So I got an Adderall prescription weeks ago from my doctor for fatigue. It sat in the medicine cabinet for a couple of weeks until I reached such a low point recently and was finally tired enough to take the medication for the first time this week.

Instantly, I was amazed at what I was able to knock out in a day. I had more energy than the people huffing and puffing in those Army commercials and I could accomplish more than they could too! Without even breaking a sweat, dishes were done, laundry was folded and dinner was simmering all while I took a conference call and picked up the kids from school. I started to believe that being Super Mom was yet again within my reach, I'd only have to take a little pill every single day.

And suddenly it occurred to me that maybe this was unnatural. What if I develop a dependency like a real life drug addict? Maybe I shouldn't be taking drugs to skyrocket my efficiency. Then I got all freaked out over it, but I still took one the next day to push through a lot of my open projects at work. And it worked like a charm, so much that I became that much more weary of relying on such a substance.

"I'll only take half a dose every other day," I rationalized to my girlfriend Melissa last night. Thankfully she's a good friend and didn't hold any punches, "Spoken like a true drug addict..." Yeow! I hate that she's spot on and calls it like she sees it... mostly because it's true. So though I might be annoyed with low energy levels, I now plan so suck it up and deal. For now anyway.

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