Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old widgets made new again...

Riz: So did you get it?
Me: No... I'm trying to reduce mental and physical clutter.
Riz: Bullshit, everybody needs a rubix cube. This new one will help me with speed cubing! My fastest time is right under a minute, but could be faster with better finger dexterity...
Me: Oh man, look at you! Gettin' all nerdy up in here.
Riz: Naw, I drop that sh*t every time I try to go faster. Studied that sh*t to learn to go faster.
Me: Um yeah, just choose your flavor: geek, nerd or dork?
Riz: A true nerd is that dude who posted himself playing guitar hero in expert mode with one hand while solving the cube with another.

Who knew? There really are defined algorithms for solving a rubix cube!

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