Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Fabulousness 3rd Edition

Thanks for making it to Friday dear readers! It's been a hellish week, yeah? Ah no matter, you got this far and that means you're ready for some much needed weekend R&R!

Me? I took the day off and didn't get called from work once! Amazing, right? With my time off I gave a "Career Make Up Overview" to a wonderful group of women at a local women's shelter.

Since they're preparing to re-enter the workforce, I thought it would be a nice confidence boost to share a little of what I know about looking the part of a career woman. It felt great to finally deliver on my 3rd Annual Day of Beauty for the Champa House which I've been working on since February. I put together the most functional make up kits that any woman could use anywhere, even with just your hands. The success of the 5 and 10 minute faces surprised me, and that the women wanted to learn even more. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience to help others feel better about themselves. There is definitely magic in mascara...

After that I had lunch with my laugh-a-minute girlfriend Bubba (a.k.a. Mai) to finally take her out for a birthday lunch I'd promised since November. It was the first time our schedules were finally able to sync up since July and a good Chinese meal was definitely in order.

Last, if I can swing a baby sitter tonight, I do plan to partake in preview night at the Colorado Chocolate Festival. Can you say hella, hella good? Can't hardly wait... even if it means bringing the munchkins.

Here's to a super sweet Friday! Per my clock, it's drink-in-hand time.

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