Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Warrior: Go Go Go...

 In my head, I'm happy to finally get around to doing all the cool things I've always wanted to do. In it's application however, it feels like I'm trying to do it all at once. I've packed so many things into my social calendar that it while these are ordinarily fun things to do, I'm just not taking enough time to actually enjoy them. Drama, here I come...

Go to 5:30am Boot camp to work out. Drank too much water during workouts resulting in puking up water afterward. Ick-a-roo.
Work from 7am-5pm (and hope to goodness you don't get called after hours)
5:30pm - Give a motivational speech (that you wrote just minutes before) to a group of middle school girls, encouraging them to dream bigger and to be more aggressive in achieving the life they want. Lots of giggles and ambitious and moving life lists.
8:00pm - Check on my little monkeys, put them in their pj's, make popcorn and pop on their fave Disney flick.
8:30pm - Arrive at friend Heather's to catch up, drink wine and have a girly group momversation. Heather shared wild stories from back in the day and showed me a pic of her AFF ex on Facebook. I now count her divorce as a seriously victorious accomplishment. What a prick.
1:30pm - Drive home and crash out.

Do homework with Chloe, tax prep for Alan, play outside with the kids.
Go to Gypsy rehersal - I suck.
Buy Wine - The liquor store sucked. Wines were great, but not on sale as advertised and it was expensive.
Go to Dinner - very good, Judith, Jordan, Chloe and I. Chloe said she can eat green chili because, "she's Mexican." lol Our gringo server was jokingly amused.
Go to Play - The imaginary invalid. Molière was such a twisted, funny man.

Go to Church
Be tired
Go to Gypsy rehersal
Prep for a full Monday including more 5:30am boot camp, a full workday, swim lessons and a Monday night fashion show.

This is even tiresome to write.

And as an anecdotal side note, I feel super hungover, but I know it's really sleep deprivation mixed with an MS exacerbation. No matter though, Ima keep grinding it out and just keep moving. If I down shift or stop to rest now, I'll absolutely crash and burn. It will be so much harder to recover. Better to pretend it's all in my head. But it really is all in my head, so that can get tricky.

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