Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fabulousness - 2nd Edition

Happy Friday lovely readers! Amid the veil of dementia brought on by working from 7am yesterday to 4:30am this morning and then again at 8am to now, I've been struck with the perfect amount of lucidity in time to make a run for a fabulous weekend. Up first?

1. Indulging in another bottle of Apothic Red 2008 Napa Winemaker's Blend (from dinner last night). And at $11 a bottle, my inevitable venture to become a cheap date is suddenly shining into fruition. So cheers!

2.  Finally making way to the MAC Pro Master Class in Denver on Makeup Essentials.

Though I freelance plenty of makeup gigs and give lessons on occasion, it's always good to see what's coming down the pike in terms of new make up technology, techniques, and overall application. Can't wait! Though if I had hotel and airfare, I'd absolutely bust down the door to attend this Master Class:

There are key features that define male and female characteristics. This class reviews those characteristics and explores makeup techniques used to transform a person into the opposite sex. Demonstration includes beard cover, brow cover, brow shape, contouring, colour application, and lash application.

I experiment with drag all the time on myself, on my nerds and anyone else who will let me aesthetically tweak their gender. IMHO, drag is the truest test of a make up artist's ability to demonstrate their mastery of manipulation with make up, the palette (aka subject), and with technique. If you would like to donate to my ambitious adventure to learn more in NYC... please contact me.

3. Going for an awesome massage with my girlie friend Melissa. So glad she reminded me that it's Spa Week in Denver, ya'll! After a month long boot camp to kick me into shape, I welcome someone soothing my sore muscles instead of pushing them into submission for that last set of push ups (even if I really need it). I'll wager you need some pampering of your own, right? Right! Set up an appointment and get your relax on.

4. Last, I called Freddy, my hair stylist for an appointment to frazzle my locks in an attempt to satiate my desire for all things blue, including comic book hair. Even if only for Summer, I simply have to try it.

I need a new, unexpected look for all those dinners and events on my social calendar. Plus the kindergarten teacher will be thrilled! Well that's what I'm up to peeps, what's new with you?

Oh and wherever the weekend leads you, do everything in your power to make it fabulous!

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