Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BT Successfully Engineers, "These Hopeful Machines"

At first glance it's legacy BT, but better. It's refreshingly pivotal from everything BT has done before. It's expertly tech-heavy and pays masterful attention to every detail... yet it's still very familiar. It's meaningful and succulent. Like indulging in a hard earned whisp of dreamy dark chocolate at the end of a very long day. Or having enough foresight to savor an otherwise innocent kiss in slow motion and letting it linger a few seconds longer than you really should.

 These Hopeful Machines is BT's 6th album which dropped on Feb 2nd, and when you listen to it, you know you're somewhere you're going to enjoy being for a long time. You're connected and completely lucid for the first time in ages. You relish the time you get alone with BT and his ever present mix master genius. He fuses random fragments together like they've always belonged that way. It's complex and uncanny at times, but consistently sumlime. You long to laugh and cry be energized at the same time. And you want to dance in a fluid, liberating flight. You're wildly entertained. And that's just the first CD.

As a whole, this album feeds hope to the depths of the internal optimist. The one who's on a daily quest to have a larger presence inside of my brain but usually fails. These tracks pray for that innermost goodness and energy to be set free.

Surely when BT named the album, "These Hopeful Machines," he was mindfully referencing the careful set of gifted hands that crafted yet another electronica masterpiece.

Here's the monster break out track, "Suddenly" which is already a fast favorite with the electronica set:

These Hopeful Machines tracks: (With my chick commentary included, of course...)
Disc 1
1. Suddenly                
(Wickedly infectious break out track. Crazy sick mixed front end)
2. The Emergency      
(Fast dance fave. Expect to hear this in every club.)
3. Every Other Way  
(Super Chill. Pour some wine and reminisce.)
4. The Light Of Things
5. Rose Of Jericho      
(Serious Ear Candy, your ears will eat this up.)
6. Forget Me              
(Beautifully humble. Everyone can relate to this.)

Disc 2
1. A Million Stars        
(A Breadth of healing salutations and hope. Love this track.)
2. Love Can Kill You     
(Radiates with new energy. Hear it at the club, sing it in your car.)
3. Always                       
(Gorgeous and dreamy.)
4. Le Nocturne De Lumiere  
(The night light buzzes with the stars overhead...)
5. The Unbreakable
6. The Ghost In You         
(Ultra haunting take on the Psychedelic Furs cover)

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