Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Thinly Veiled Pickup Line...

Riz: So, I have a messed up confession to make...
Me: Well I still love playing a dime story psychiatrist with no experience. So shoot.
Riz: Ok, so there's a new type of girl I hit on... ya know, instead of hot girls. Beautiful women intimidate me so much these days. And my confidence just isn't what it used to be.
Me: Ok, so tell me about your new target femme-ographic.
Riz: Skinny girls. They're still kind of cute, but some of them are so skinny they look like they could be sick. I don't know why, but those are the girls I gravitate toward now.
Me: Because you perceive that you have a better shot at landing them over other types of girls?
Riz: Yeah, maybe. But sometimes, I don't even know how to approach the skinny girls. I think I've lost my game. How could I even approach one?

Me: The sickly, toothpick-y ones? Oh my dear, the approach is too simple. Genetics aside, ultra thin girls have the lowest self esteem of all, that's why they deprive themselves of all the good shit. The pick up line is obvious, "Can I buy you something to eat?"
Riz: Oh really...
Me: Yeah. And if that doesn't work, offer to go run on treadmills together until one of you pukes or passes out.

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