Tuesday, November 24, 2009

80's Music Refresh: Better than the real thing?

I'm always glad to see awesome music reinvented to capture the attention of both people who can re-live their love of the original and also to tap into a newer generation who never knew such sweet ass greatness ever existed. I recently stumbled across two such instances from the 80s, both are very much to my liking so I thought it only prudent to share. Enjoy!

Under the Milky Way

So I was watching TV the other night and came across a Lincoln car commercial which features a cover of Sia Furler breathing fresh new life into The Church's, "Under the milky way" track off of their 1988 Starfish album. It was a quirky female interpretation and so I liked it. I think Coheed and Cambria also have an interesting take on the classic as well.

When compared to the original however, only The Church can give their song it's rightful due. Steve Kilbey belts out his emotional, melancholy hit to utter perfection.

Ordinarily I love Kill Hannah's work, but stay away from this version. Ugh, it's so bad it could be easily mistaken for a bad amateur garage band upload.

Running up that hill:

Placebo's 2006 rendition of Kate Bush's "Running up that hill" is a cover off of their album titled "10th Anniversary Collectors Edition." Its super great cover, I first heard it this past weekend during one of the movie trailers shown before New Moon. The preview gave a quick reference to Kate Bush's (already awesome) original. This version is dark and alluring and got me musically intoxicated enough to download it from iTunes. In retrospect, I don't even know what movie trailer sampled the track, but the song itself is still stuck in my head. (and hopefully yours now too)

And as I mentioned earlier, I'm still deeply enamored with Kate Bush's original version and the ultra artistic video:

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