Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top o' the mornin...

I get up everyday at 5:00 AM to prep for a 5:30 (7:30 AM ET) call. It sucks. It's now around 7am MT (9am ET) and I feel the need to document my crazed situation.

6:45 - Join leadership call
7:00 - Join customer call on cell phone
Put both calls on speaker
7:03 - Check email on work laptop #1
7:09 - Scan email on work laptop #2
Grab coffee and bowl of cereal
7:16 - instant message on one laptop (IM systems are separate and private, can't integrate with one tool like zillian)
7:17 - instant message on the other laptop
Gulp coffee, watch cereal go soggy
7:19 - send emails
7:20 - fight with ppl via instant messenger
Both phone calls start to run together, English becomes incomprehensible. Email account is so filled up that it is now disabled. Instant messenger is going, "ding, ding, ding." Ding muthafucker, ding.
7:23 - Blackberry continues to chirp. Oh look, I've missed some calls.
7:27 - Cry. Work is bullshit. Must blog. Must go get kiddo ready for school.
Ah yes, and my coffee is now cold. Damn.

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