Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unexpected: Lessons Learned from an AFF...

Over drinks...
Him: When I think back to some of those old accounts, that Berish sure was mean, but he really did get it right...
Me: Agreed. There's a blog post that has been marinating in my brain for a while. He was insanely rude and crazy mean but he definitely taught me how to manage a crisis and get my way. Get the right people involved to do the right things.
Him: Oh? Well what do you call that?
Me: Life's lessons from an indisputable AFF.
Him: AFF?
Me: Yes. Asshole Fuck Face. A-F-F.
Him: Awww, A-F-F Forever. Almost, but not quite a friend.

P.S. I speculate this post is the beginning an endless AFF series. For example:
- AFF of the year
- Ten Habits of Prick-ass AFF's everywhere
- The Closet AFF
- How not to dress like an AFF
- A Random Sampling: AFF's Anonymous
- Analyze this: When your BFF is an AFF. WTF?
- Tutorial: How to punch an AFF in the face and get away with it
- You're an AFF and you don't even know it

See what I mean? Material for days. And days...

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