Monday, September 21, 2009

I think it's starting....

The absolute craziness that dominates my week. Here's how it starts as I travel out on a routine trip to Richmond, Va.

1. Cell phone called 911 from my backpack @ Airport. And you thought butt dialing was hazardous.
2. TSA guy searches my bags while explaining that he's saving his money to divorce his 2nd wife and move to CA. His animation caught me off guard as he went on about how both wives 1 and 2 took all his money.
3. At DIA, a girl with a rock band t-shirt tapped me on the shoulder at the gate.
Her: Um, do I know u from somewhere?
Me: I'm not sure. Are you from here (Denver)?
Her: No.
Me: Um, well I did a rock band music video for a contest... could that be it?
Her: No.
Me: Facebook?
Her: Um, no. I stood behind you in the restroom.

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