Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who has a crush on margaritas?

A sampling of my scatterbrained tendencies while typing an email to my great work friend Heather...

Open Email App ---> Compose New ---> To:
(My contacts were recently wiped out and I am too lazy to re-add them. Thus, I have chosen to "save time" by typing full names for all of my outgoing emails.)

I begin to type her name, Heather Marg.... and think to myself, "Oooh margs sound so good about now. Shoulda had one at lunch." Then my brain briefly digresses. "Ok, back to work, get this stuff done. Where was I? Ah yes, typing this email."

Compose New ---> To:
Again, I start to type, Heather Marga... and get delayed by more internal dialogue. "Margaritas would be so great after work, it has been such a crazy day! Ok Self, I'll grab some limes after work." Then I get up, go for a coffee, come back to my desk and try to remember what it was I was working on. Between the sunny Summer days, cocktail daydreams, and occasional lunch outings with great people I never get to see, I figure I'm averaging 4 emails a day.

Heather, here's hoping you finally get my crappy work email today. Oh, and because your last name makes me thirst for margaritas (strange - because it's a Greek name), I am soooo sending you the yummiest non-alcoholic margarita recipe ever. :)

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