Friday, May 01, 2009

The Roller Coaster that is my life...

A sampling of my insane, quickly changing life.

Excerpts from a reorganization announcement yesterday at 8:30 am:
"You will meet with your manager today who will tell you who your new manager will be." Translated? Everyone but me and my network nerds are going back into the matrix... Not exactly a good thing since that's becoming the corporate standard on a global scale.

A quick update from my tormented girlfriend yesterday morning via instant message:

Her: Hey are you coming in today?
Me: Yes.
Her: Good. You need to come keep your pregnant friend company...
Me: OMG!!!!!!!
(Great reminder that good things really do happen to good people.)

Then a quick phone call from my realtor, two days after I put my house on the market:
"Hi, a buyer has made an offer on your home. It's a really good offer. When do you have time to look at this contract?"

It barely occurs to me even now that I have nowhere to live. How does a hardcore thinker like me, an engineer to boot, forget to leave herself an out? I hedge on nearly every bet and the instant I don't, I get bit.

Then a meeting with my boss who, at day's end would be my former boss:
"Your new manager is the same as my manager. There's not officially a network group in the company anymore. We weren't really sure where to put you guys."

During an appointment with my esthetician who is a very reputable kick-ass brow shaper:
"Nice job. I look like Eddie Munster."

Then a quick heads up discussion that occurred twice within a day. Once with Rollie and again with another corporate friend: "No rush, but if I were you, I'd start looking for your next opportunity."

And then a voicemail tonight before taking off to Chloe's Great-grandpa's Birthday party:
Realtor: The buyer has accepted your counter offer. Congratulations, you're under contract. You have 10 days to find another house!

Then Alan, "Can you hurry up and get ready? We're late for this party."

My weekend is completely booked. The ticking time bomb in my brain continues...

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