Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Check Yo Self...

So I've been working from home quite a lot lately, and as a result have gained a little weight, etched holes in the elbows of my favorite monkey pajamas, saved money on toothpaste and finally connected with the absolute casualness that comes with never going outside.

Monday morning found me in my pajamas yet again, but I had a fresh pot of coffee on and listening to some kickin' rap music from 1992. I had been singing along and dancing around the house like I was hosting 'Yo! MTV Raps' when I heard a little "ding" from my laptop. It was my work instant messenger.

I run over to see who's "pinging" me and saw a couple of pop ups lit up on the screen. I scan the messages in an unnecessary frenzy in an attempt to be an instant responder. Looks like they're from Rizzo and my boss.

First message: yo
To which I reply: Yo! (thinking it must be Rizzo)

Second message: blah blah blah, please respond to my email.
To which I simply say "ok "and hit the X button to close the pop up. Then, another ding.

It reads: What's up?
I reply: Yo momma fool??? I want to see what's new with Riz, he never even gave me the full scoop on SXSW from last month. I wanna talk some smack.

Then I notice the pop up has a picture of my boss. And I'm talkin' shiz about his momma. And I'm typing like a wannabe gman or something because I watched too many rap videos on the internet.

Then my inner dialogue starts to rattle off at ticker tape speed, "Have I really become so homey that my everyday exchanges are so devastatingly informal?" Luckily my boss just laughed, I'll bet his momma is probably really nice.

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