Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No time to blog...

Dear Blog, sorry for not writing lately, but I think about you all the time. What with twitter and facebook, what else is there to write? Well, being ultra limited in characters with those apps, there's quite a lot to write, it turns out.

What's new with me? Back to drinking my dinners and letting clutter pile up on my brain. Still contemplating a new life direction in general and which happens to be gaining traction. I know change is a good thing, but it's moving faster than I expected which slightly scares me. I do however, think altering my list of priorities will prove to be refreshing.

In other happy news, I'm pending a new blog design, tackling an acting class, scheduling afternoon tea with my lady friends and am still baking cupcakes with Chloe every chance I get. I want to take a sewing class, a candy making class and still make time for drinks with Lisa for her 40th Birthday before she bolts to Mexico.

And a bit from a recent observation...

I noticed last night that the moon sat so peacefully in a quiet, crescent slumber. And as if they were most carefully scripted, the clouds hazily perfected the dormant demeanor of the lune. So glad I looked up to randomly witness the utter silence of the moment.

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