Friday, January 09, 2009

The four year old Sommelier...

Context: I open a bottle of 2003 Rex Hill Pinot Noir from Oregon. I asked Alan where my riedel's were hiding so I could enjoy some with my Friday night pizza and Mario Party 8.

Chloe: What did you call those glasses?
Me: Riedels, baby. Can you say Rye-dell?
Chloe: Sure!

Then while I was pouring...

Her: What are you drinking mommy?
Me: Some mommy juice, what does it look like? (she sees me take an oversized whiff)
Her: Mommy, what does it smell like?
Me: Well take a sniff for yourself. Then you can tell me...
(I show her how to put her entire nose into the glass and inhale through her nose.)
Me: So, what does it smell like? Dirt? Grape juice? Oranges?
She takes a second whiff. "Um, I think it smells like a popsicle with three sticks." Then she squints her eyes and moves her hand in a circular motion. "And cereal."
Me: Oh?
Her: Yes, and a spot of ice cream. That's it.

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