Monday, January 26, 2009

Forever Twenty What?

Last weekend after 4 hours at a coffee house with Edy and Jerri, we wandered off to a newer-ish mall on 144th and something. There wasn't time for a Rap Music Montage, but we still tried on a ton of stuff.

In the dressing room, Edy sat on a tall chair up front so we can come out of our little booth and she can assess our ensembles. Other patrons were in dressing rooms trying on frocks and Edy frankly should have consulted them too. She's so fashion forward and polished, it's hard not to take her advice.

1st outfit - Jerri: Gray sweater and yellow/mustard with white lace. Who would have thought? And look, it goes with my Chuck Taylors!

Edy: Very hip, we have such similar taste!

2nd outfit - Me: What do you think? Does this shirt make you want to punch me in the face?

Edy: No, but that crested sweater vest did. What look were you going for?
Me: Andre 3000.
Edy: Please Rhon, nothing sparkly and no more big belts.

And later at lunch...

Jerri: Wow, I can't believe we went to the same high school, Edy. You should get on Facebook, everybody is on that thing.
Edy: No way. I'm avoiding those hookers as long as I can...

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