Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Confessions from Pole-ates (a.k.a. the Stripper Workout)

Stripper 1: My hands get really slippery after climbing the pole a few times. I feel like I might fall off!
Instructor: Well, you don't really use the pole too much when you're dancing, so you're not likely to run into that very often.
Stripper 3: What if the pole is wet from someone's pussy?
Instructor: Um, you don't really use the pole like that. Not using that.
Stripper 2: Is is tacky to use a towel to dry it off?
Instructor: Nah. Just get one from the bartender. I've dried it off before.
Stripper 3: Hello? Customers? Can you please excuse me while I swab down the pole with 99.9% alcohol. That girl before me was a real skank.

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