Monday, November 17, 2008

iDo: How to win her over via iphone...

When Jason told me he was a nerd in love, I didn't believe him. But I believed him when he said he'd finally met his match in Megan, a beautiful, clever and witty female version of him. They've been contented with each other for as long as I can remember, agreeing to support each other's dreams that have led them from Florida to Arizona and soon to Nevada, where they plan to move early next year and finally do the deed. Not that deed, you naughty readers, I mean they're getting hitched!

I occasionally get to catch up with Jason and Megan when they're not working a zillion hours, jumping out of airplanes or hiking down into incredible places where you have the option (and it's a realistic one at that) of taking a helicopter back to civilization. Aside from their worldly ways and hipster wardrobes, I was intrigued at Jason's inventive proposal for the woman in which his world revolves. Like the summation of their combined character, it was risky, unforgettable and nerdy as all get out.

He was in Las Vegas scoping out real estate, you know... reconn work for the big move while she stayed in Phoenix working long hours as her job requires this time of year. They'd been delaying their feverish desire to get new iphones, and instead decided to hold out for the release of the 32GB model. While away, Jason's male judgement defaulted to instant gratification. He caved and bought one (or two as the story goes).

He tried to hide it at first, keeping the sweet touch screen and new apps to himself. He waited until he could be alone with it, to covet it and download pictures of who knows what. Then while play-wrestling on the bed one day, Megan busted him. She felt the thin silhouette in the back pocket of his jeans and asked, "What's this?" "Nothing, honey. It's nothing..." he answered.

After much fumbling, Jason had to come clean. "Okay, okay I'll show ya!" as he reached into his back pocket. "But first, I have a question to ask you..." then he revealed an iPhone and touched the shiny touch screen to illuminate it. He turned around and showed it to Megan. On the screen was a jpeg of a pretty diamond ring. "This one is for you, Will you marry me?"

So now they have matching iPhones and are going to live happily ever after. Can it get any sweeter (or geekier) than that?

Congratulations on your engagement Jason and Megan, you are so beautifully nerdy together.

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