Monday, October 13, 2008

Warning: Beautiful Mountains may trigger Tree Hugger mind control.

Driving into the office, I wore my personal equivalent of a recycled t-shirt and jeans. I had just popped open an organic protein shake and noticed that John Lennon's "Imagine" gently harked from my car speakers. Instead of rushing to change the radio station to something loud and angry, I let the song play out in its entirety. As I drove through Boulder and Lennon sang about living life in peace, I gushed on the lovely mountain views and felt envious of the people riding bikes along the trails near the road. I felt holistically serene, and finally at one with my surroundings. Affectionate thoughts of insense amused my senses, sandalwood and patchouli in particular. My mode was an artistic one and suddenly it felt safe to be a free thinker.

Then it hit me. This is Boulder, you fuckwit. You are not a tree hugging hippie, you are a wasteful city girl. Quit fantasizing about carob and hemp brownies and throw some litter out of the window, quick! Spit out the organic Odwalla bar and cut through traffic to get in line at McDonalds. Save the Earth? Whatever.

Note to self: Next time you even say the word patchouli, kick your own ass.

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