Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My mirror hates me...

If there's an equivalent of Betty Ford for people who are makeover junkes, sign me up. I can envision a place with no mirrors on the walls and small solitary, padded rooms for people like me (possibly with blindfolds) who are addicted to things like fake fur eyelashes, lip plumpers, huge eyeshadow palettes, beadazzlers and whitening tooth polish. I also imagine Christina Aguilera and droves of vain women from the South saturating the large majority of this space.

Lately I have been over-experimenting with my hair/face/clothes and anything else that I can reinvent, tear apart, dissect and reconstruct. In a crazed stint last Saturday night, I chopped off my bangs (over 4 inches man) and have since been compared to both Demi Lovato and Sarah Palin. Last night I had my brows waxed and suffered yet another casualty where wax dripped just below my brow and was accidentally ripped off! Aiiieee! Too much experimentation has left me looking disconnected, injured and anything but fab or youthful.

The fix? I'm working from home until my hair grows out and for the most part I just want to stay in bed. While I'm home, might not be a bad idea to take the tresses a few shades darker. I can probably stand some microdermabrasion treatments too. While I'm at it a new shade of polish and a re-visit to the accessories section of my closet. Argh, no! That's how I got here in the first place! See what I mean? I'm overdoing it, close to the point of needing intervention.

In other happier news, here's a rockin' little set that finally made its way to my ipod:

Foo Fighters - The Pretender (More of that angst filled music I love)

3oh!3 - Don't trust me (These guys are from Boulder- gotta show love for local bands)
Natasha Beddingfield - Pocket Full of Sunshine (Happy dance-to song. It's like strawberry cheesecake ice cream though - only good in small doses.) Enjoy!

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