Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because I said so...

I'm working from home today and though I haven't worked out in ages, I am on a great caffiene binge and have energy to really get stuff done. I'm in one of those modes where I feel unstopable. Go, go, go. Super mom is changing diapers and giving input on the morning status call. No sweat. Then I took a conference call and helped the kids bake zuchini bread. No worries, I got it. Super network nerd can configure firewall rules, bidirectional NAT and routing while feeding breakfast to my two year old toddler who's sitting on my lap. Sweet-ass! I dropped off the 4 year old at school while on another call and am now at home with time for a quick break. I had to know that this would all catch up with me sooner or later.

Me (writing email): Type reads, "Pleae let me kow." Shit. Can you say backspace Matt?
Matt (toddler in my lap): Shit.
Me: No, Mattie, don't say that.
Matt (smiling): Shit!
Me: Matt...
Matt: Shit, shit!

Thanks husband, for not dropping off the kids at daycare. Thanks self, for being a jackass potty mouth.

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