Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I think I'm going Japanese, I really think so...

Both life and work has been rather taxing lately. So to speed up the day and lighten my mood, I was happy engage in a slight diversion from work (a.k.a. piss around time) with Rizzo. You know, the type of exchange where you talk a little about everything and anything and the conversation is so much more interesting because of all the flips, twists and turns in it? Aside from his faux-Chinese accent where he proclaims that America is #1 (and I laugh so hard I fall out of my chair), I'm happy to have a friend who faces many similar challenges and can laugh about it. His perspective is calming, and given all the craziness at work, he can easily put a smile on my face.
So our conversation today took yet another interesting turn...

Rizzo: I think I'm pretty good in bed, but I'm Asian.
Me: What does that mean?
Rizzo: It means we're not gonna whip out a billy club or baseball bat...
Me: (silence)
Rizzo: Asian dudes, we don't do porn for a reason.

Later in the discussion...

Me: You know Riz, I really think you're a great catch for some lucky girl out there.
Rizzo: Uh yeah. I'm a catch 22.

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