Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How I Stay High Maintenance...

Today finds me working ultra hard to filter out things like suckass work and instead prep to soak in what's left of the glorious Summer sun. I've outlined a few of my favorite things that will lend my soul to sublime pampering.

*Schedule trip to Napa, consider your friend's crazy-crack-pot suggestion to hit up Vegas on the way home.
*Make Reservations to superbly fabulous wineries and indulge in shameless tastings all weekend.
*Refuse to pack anything or even locate a suitcase until the absolute last minute. In this case, it's about 5 hours before I need to leave for the airport.
*Get adjusted by Mitch just after he closes tonight. Request that he work late because you are never on time.
*Demand time for a haircut tomorrow morning after you land in San Francisco at Cinta's. Call Cinta's with less than a 24 hour notice (as you know their stylists are all booked several months out), ask for eyebrow threading too which is booked even further out. Don't flinch when they remind you that they are booked solid and that a simple haircut will cost you $108 with a mentor stylist.
*Schedule urgent make-over at MAC for an amazing new Fall look.
*Pick up a gel mask from Laura Mercier so you'll look refreshed regardless of how sleep deprived you will become throughout the weekend with your girlfriends.
*Get up early to shop for super stylish clothes to be seen and admired in all weekend.
*Schedule full spa day at Oasis in Boulder for when you return from weekend trip.

Beauty is as beauty does, baby. My strategy? Stay fabulous, stay splurging.

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