Friday, August 29, 2008

Dude! I'm on C-SPAN...

I managed to make it downtown with my two uncles on Wednesday and blew off some work to go to the Presidential Experience at Invesco and then downtown for some cocktails and stargazing. While in line to check out the C-SPAN studio-bus, I got asked by a C-SPAN rep to answer a question about my most important political question for this year's presidential candidates. I had zero time to mentally prepare a response and since a crowd of people were watching me, I was even more nervous.

The result? A poorly encoded video (by the techs at C-SPAN) on youtube with me barely articulating what issues are most important to me. In case you were wondering (gonna tell you anyway) I really do want to know (in granular detail, not just politicians blowing smoke) what our presidential candidates intend to do to address issues such as the economy, taxes, the real estate crisis and health insurance as it relates to the ever-suffering and penalized middle class. There, I finally got it out of my system. Anyway, here are some pics from my trip downtown, which include me getting to meet Michael Dukakis, former governor of Massachusetts and his wife Katherine. Cool stuff.

In related news, I think it's super interesting to consider Obama's speech last night and how he appeared super confident a took his well positioned shots at McCain without any remorse. Very effective and strategic. Obama speaks well to the middle class, and I like him, but I think he was laying it on pretty thick last night in his promises to fix everything for everyone. And it's impossible not to give a respectable nod to McCain for his eloquent acknowledgement to Obama's "Job well done."

I was having coffee this morning hashing it all out in my head. Internal dialogue was like, "Yeah, he's right, McCain just doesn't get it. It's bullshit his comments about the middle class making up to 5 million a year and not knowing how many houses he owns. What an elitist prick. He's one of those good old boys who can't identify with real people. He'll never acknowledge the achievements of minorities or women... prick!" Then I read today's headlines: McCain taps Alaska Gov. Palin as vice president pick. Now I'm just thinking WTF? This is an unexpected twist and a huge play for the female vote. Dynamic decision on many levels, pros and cons galore. The DNC was fantastic this week and it was a treat to hear so many phenomenal public speakers give their take on the future direction of our nation.

I'll say it again, American politics is interesting for the first time in a long time. Pay attention people, it's getting good.

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  1. Dude you were on C-SPAN! Classic :) I agree whole-heartedly that this is very interesting stuff. I too am saying huh with the McCain VP pick. But I think that more than ever this is the time to focus on the issues and not on "hey he is a black guy, I think I will vote for him" or "feminists unite, vote for the woman". I encourage EVERYONE to read the plans of both sides. Although I would stipulate that these are their "ideal" goals and may not go as far as they hope but at least you know where they want to go!


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