Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Rainbow Party: Part 2

Much to my surprise, I have received many inquiries about the rainbow party post. I'd like to be perfectly clear on a few points and avoid any confusion.

1. As indicated in my original post, I have never been to a rainbow party. So stop asking. Why blast me by asking if I wear lipstick and socially engage in oral sex? This is a degrading question that I will not answer. Just know that I'm good at everything I do, applying lipstick is no exception.

2. I most certainly never intend to host a rainbow party, either. Come on, it's not like game night or a poker party, people! Please stop emailing me asking for pictures or invitations to such an event. Go host your own hoe-down! I was simply describing something that I'd heard during a Friday night conversation. It was hard to fathom such a thing existed, especially coming from a guy who shoves entire cupcakes in his mouth to impress his friends! :)

(Thank you to the Tampa nerds for corrupting my blog... did I mention that donkey punch is still lingering in my google search bar??? You guys are into porn that I can't ever pretend to understand.)

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