Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to fill a nerd with jelly...

Craft a packet with a sweet yet nerdy poem, save it as a .cap file and have your nerd-girly-friend (friend that is a girl) fire up wireshark to open it on Valentine's Day.

Nerd-girly-friend will find the poem in the payload of the packet. She will smile, think you're the coolest geek ever and show her local nerds. They will open it with notepad (instead of wireshark) to strip the technical allure of such a valentine. They will complain that the poem lacks originality and that hex color codes are super cliche. They will be annoyed for the rest of the day. Maybe secretly, they think you're a nerd-prick.

You should sit back and smile. Who gives a damn what they think, you know it was cool as hell. :)

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