Sunday, January 27, 2008

Get your drink on...

Afraid of walking around the office double fisted on a Monday morning? Don't feel like paying $7.50 a beer at a concert? Not allowed to BYOB at some overly-stuffy event (expecially around your in-laws)? Never fear, some sloppy bastard out there invented this sweet ass contraption with you in mind. Just put your strap on (the belly one, you pervs), et Voila! For the small price of looking slightly more pudgy (a la Al Bundy or Homer Simpson) being a closet alcoholic has never been easier.

And ladies, they haven't forgotten about you. Infact, you can be sure that nobody will whine about your rack when it couples as a real-life wine rack. It's time to toss out that old Friday night push-up bra! This one makes you look hotter with a bigger bust and acts as a discreet beverage delivery system at the same time. Talk about doubling your pleasure... Cheers!

(this link courtesy of CCNP Candidates Bob and Tim)

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