Sunday, September 23, 2007

NSFW: Saturday night notes to myself... Is sexy really back?

Note: Please blog about the time that you went to PT's for the very first time with your insanely crazy friends. And how they asked the limo driver guy next to us for beers and how and that Dee is going to show him her boobs. (Can I just say, the beers were fantastic?)


PT's = A male and female strip club in Denver
Limo driver guy = Vlad, a cute 25 year old student from Russia

Infamous Saturday Night quotes from the Maneaters:
UA: A million-dollar life insurance policy on my husband equals a shitload of trips to Vegas for the rest of us.

Dee: No Asian stippers for me tonight. Too small.
UA: Do they really have small ones?
CG: Yes.
UA: But Chinagirl likes men with small ones.
Dee: You do???
CG: Yes, sort of.
UA: Yeah, she loves chihuahua too. And quit making out with my dog...

Nic: Get off the phone, are you seriously fucking working?
UA: Did you just fucking fix my laptop? You are such a nerd!

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