Tuesday, July 17, 2007

She should have just said, "Thank you."

Scenario: Having beers on the patio with the girls on a super sunny afternoon, catching up on gossip while the guys grill up a yummy afternoon meal.

Jude: So I have this single neighbor a few houses down and he asked if I could help him out and clean his place twice a month. You know, dusting and stuff. So the other day, I was over there cleaning and dusting... I was on a step stool cleaning the ceiling fan blades when he said something crazy to me.

Group of Girls: Did he hit on you? Well what did he say?

Jude: He said, "Nice Melons."

GOG: Seriously?

Jude: Yes! I couldn't believe it. I got all happy and cupped my hands around my breasts and said, "Me??? You think I have nice melons????"

GOG: Oh my gawd!

Jude: Then he just rolled his eyes at me and said, "BAL-ANCE. You have nice balance." How retarded. I told him that no one had ever called my boobs melons before. And he said, "Well, that's because they're not." Can you believe that? I just rolled my eyes and went outside.

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