Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Touch, tickle or poke?

Scenario: A small cluster of people are gathered in front of a laptop at the opening of our cubicle aisle at work. One of the new nerds, who speaks English very well (but as a second language) needs to get through the aisle. He skillfully manuevers through the cluttered grouping of chairs, and makes a swinging motion toward one of the other guys near the core of the nerd herd.

Me (commenting on the slight commotion): Hey! What did you just do?
New Nerd: He was in the way, so I just tickled him.

Granola Nerd: Wha? You can't say that. A man just can't tickle another man.
New Nerd: Well I don't know... How do you say? That I poked him?

Granola Nerd: No, you can't go poke another man either. (Points finger) Don't tickle me, poke me and don't even think about rubbing my feet!

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