Monday, August 15, 2005

Sticking with it...

Tonight I tried frantically to pick out another template for my blog. Pure black? Too gothic. Burgundy and rose? Not enough umpf. Black and white? Too serious for this blog. My posts contain alot of happy psycho-babble and entertaining fluff. A blog full of priss and nonsense needs to stay fun and pink.

It's the opposite of real life where I don't get away with looking girly or cute. I don't wear cutesy things like barrettes or pigtails with barbie pink lipstick. I'm stuck being curvy and long-haired with serious mauve lipstick. I've got a pink pocketknife. It's as girly as my real life gets.

So... until another idea comes along, I'll stick to being me, and the blog will stay pink.

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