Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A collection of funny things, overheard.

(Drunk guy kissing up to his girlfriend)
Guy: Don't I make you feel like a million bucks, baby?
Girl: Awww yes. Yes you really do.
Guy: Okay! Well shut the fuck up already!

(Women walking by a pet store -
Girl 1: Oh! Would you look at those precious puppies in the window?
Girl 2: Puppies are bullshit.

Guy: I love to smack my wife's ass. I just like to run by her, smack her ass really hard and say, "Good game!"

(On the way to happy hour)
Girl 1: Can I borrow your lipstick real quick?
Girl 2: Sure. That color looks super hot on you.
Girl 1: Alrighty, then! I'm all good and "Hussie-fied."

Nerd 1: So have you been playing that new computer game?
Nerd 2: Yeah, it's pretty involved.
Nerd 1: No kidding. I just got a girlfriend and we went on a drive by shooting for a date.

Next Time: Prepping for Las Vegas, dressing for Paul Oakenfold, performing at the Black and White Party, and my new cell phone which kicks the piss out of yours!

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