Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Deep in the heart of Texas: Long story short

Our road trip to Texas was real nice. Minus the 12 hours of driving in a minivan each way. Alan drove without stopping and Chloe rode along like a champ. I slept, read magazines on modern feminist theory (Bitch Magazine and Newsweek), ate junk food and played with the girl. Damn, I'm lucky.

It sure was nice to go a visitin' with Granny, Aunt Tootsie and company. Granny always receives us well, fills up every inch of the house with yummy food, and lets us sleep in as long as we want. She still insisted on fixin' breakfast everyday even though she's still recovering from surgery. I can tell it's slowed her down, too. We shopped at the Dillard's sale for 2.5 hours before she wanted to call it quits. Typically, Granny takes me shopping for 8 hours a day everyday of our visits.

We went for a rib dinner one night at Big Daddy's which was real good. I love TX BBQ! I shoulda brought home some brisket! I got to try that new Budweiser Select beer and some banana pudding all for free. It was cool hanging out with Alan's beauty queen cousin because people just like to hook her up like that.

We did lots a shoppin', lots a eatin' and lots a visitin'. Granny hooked me up with some of her antique costume jewelry from the 1950's and Alan got to bring his table top Popeye game home too.

What's next? Planning Chloe's Birthday Party, the Nordie's/MAC trend event (Yeah baby! It's the Superbowl equivalent for chicks), and planning a stripper/slumber party. Stay tuned.

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