Monday, September 13, 2004

Keeping in touch

I've recently had a few moments to catch up with some of my favorite people, which is something I wouldn't ordinarily get the chance to do all at once. Even though some of it is communicated via email, it's good to know what my people are up to.
Alrighty then, take a deep breath and read it all at once. Here's the 411:

Doc is still a single flirt and loving it.
Jeckyl just went to a twangy-ass Wilco concert solo, is getting surgery on his ankle this Friday and will be out of commission for 6 weeks.
Bubblegoose is trying to keep dry in FL and is fixin' to head out on a month long trip out West. He and Stef get on famously even though he's scheduled to be deployed to the Middle East (possibly Iraq) this side of Christmas.
Jacques still co-habitates with Nick, is dateless but not desperate, and continues to build computers in his spare time.
Splat is also staying dry in FL, and is expecting a second child in a few weeks. Oddly enough, I don't remember too well him mentioning he even had a steady girlfriend. LOL.
BS is getting married, and is still prim, poised and elegant for being a boy.
Jeffie is engaged to a pretty bird yet seems to be perpetually surrounded by an entirely female entourage. He has also introduced a number of our old UK buddies to their wives. I suspect he operates a brothel.

Lisa is planning a Vegas trip, hopefully just for the girls and wants to move into a Melrose Place type setting.
Nickie is mourning her grandma and needs a happy hour really bad. No word on the slutpuppy I tried to hook up with Jacques who kissed her hubby. Ouch!
Jud is planning another shower... And still likes being the social director and all the gossip that comes with it.
Chris is going back to work after 2 months and is also going to LV in November.
Bubbagirl just had me finish the wording for her mom's headstone and is ready for some personal time.
Jolene just bought a new house, but I haven't talked to her about it yet.

Me? I'm trying not to fake the funk for a job interview tomorrow and am always plotting an escape from monotonous daily life. That, and I'm teaching Chloe to swim in the bathtub.

We're a busy lot if you ask me. So, what the hell are you up to?

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