Friday, July 16, 2004

Don't you mean, "The Nordstrom Wives?"

Incredible. I get the call this morning at 7:00 am sharp. It's my contact, the quiet cloak and dagger one on the inside. The goods we had talked about are in, and I need to procure them within the hour. $500.00 is the price. I confer. I pull my hair into a loose ponytail, get the little munchkin ready and run out the door, coffee in hand.
When Chloe and I arrive, two men in suits greet us at the door. I give them the nod, acknowledging that I understand why we're all here. I walk past them, and hurriedly close in on my destination.
I look down at my watch. It's 7:47. I arrive at the counter. Isabel instantly recognizes me and smiles.   "I'll go get your order, " she chirps, then disappears into the back room. I notice there are other women standing at the counter. They're all neatly made up, prim, and fashionable. Not one of them would settle for less than flawless, sun kissed skin with untouched news anchor hair. To them, I must look like a strung out rock star. There are bumps in my ponytail and the only makeup I'm donning is the black eyeliner I fell asleep with last night. I'm wearing worn out jeans with a hole in the butt and a green belt with fuchsia stilettos.
They mockingly give me a once over, and roll their eyes. Then they circle around to inspect my daughter. One woman disapprovingly arched her eyebrow like a quality control inspector as she peered into Chloe's carseat.  She turned to me, brow still arched and dryly said, "Ah yes, she's beautiful."

"It's her very first Nordstrom sale. You should note it in her baby book. It really is best that she learns to shop now, " advised one woman.

"That's true, " one woman agreed. "Infact, you should get her used to shopping all the time so she doesn't get fussy later on. Make it a habit. Nordstrom's really is a great start for her. You get to shop here before the mall even opens. I wouldn't let her shop anywhere else."

"Are you kidding me?" I quizzed. "I'm going to Target after this."
Just then Izzy arrived and handed me my order.  I smiled, nodded at the men in suits again and left. I walked out of the glass doors dumbfounded at what had just occurred. Yet another dimension of some jaded reality, I suppose.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    AHhh - Nordies - such fond memories of the 'Brass Plum', and intro into the real world of fashion and makeup, and credit cards and 'daddy big-bucks'!

    I will have to keep you in suspense for the time being, my chariot awaits...Goodnight sweet prince............


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